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A famous proverb "Health is Wealth", we all have been listening since childhood, but if you ever consider it carefully, you will find that there is no matter how much money you have but if your health is not good so you can not enjoy life as you can with a healthy life.

A famous proverb "Health is Wealth", we all have been listening since childhood, but if you ever  consider it carefully, you will find that there is no matter how much money you have but if your health is not good so you can not enjoy life as you can with a healthy life.

If you have been in a good restaurant or program and you do not eat your favorite foods becuse of healthcare then how bad would it be?
Most people are troubled by obesity, high blood pressure (BP), diabetes, kidney problems and non-diagnosed diseases in every home,
You know, how many people goes to hospitals daily, and even many times in their life, if we want to lesser this, so intead of doctors and government, we can make it by ourself, and this is only one way and that is to adopt a healthy lifestyle and sharing information to others too!
By following these 10 easy & simple health care tips and adopting the Healthy Lifestyle will not only benefit us but also we will have many good effects on our family and society!

Health Tips
Top 10 Health Tips

Top 10 health care tips

1. Eat Healthy: 

Our health is depends on the food we eat.
For example, the color of walls in our home exactly like the color applied to the walls. same principal applies here for health that our health would be exactly same as the food we eat so the food we eat should be Healthy. 
Now the question is, what is the healthy food and what is not?
As we know, healthy foods are green vegetables, pulses, fruits, milk etc. But usually we make these foods unhealthy by adding more salt, spices and oils like ghee, refined and sarso oil in it, although we should avoid oily and fatty foods and follow energatic diet like protien rich.

2. Take it from the time: 

It is said that when we feel hunger, so we should eat, but our stomach is not a fuzzy tin, which you want to fill in whenever you want.
And if we look at this world made by the Creater, then we will find that everything goes according to the time, the earth, the moon, sun or anything, everything is punctual, and as everybody knows that our body is one of the part of this nature and it has the same impression that when we do some work with time, not only our body gets used to it, but its benefits are also the highest!
In the whole world, you can see many benefits of this, and if you ever noticed the doctors, they also eat food on time!

3. Exercise:

Daily Exercise and Healthy Food, is called 'Healthy Lifestyle', which reduces the risk of many diseases like obesity, heart disease, hypertension, diabetes and cancer. In addition to reducing the risk of many diseases, it also keeps our physical and mental health as well, because of which our weight remains true, muscles and bones are strong, sleep is good, which also keeps the mind healthy, so Exercise daily and see the magic.

4. Sleep Well: 

In Every 24 hours, must sleep for about eight hours and if you are a student, half an hour's sleep will increase your studing ability!
When we sit, lay down and rest, the body gets relief but the brain will only be relaxed with good sleep!

5. Activities: 

In today's busy life and technology, most of the people spends so much time on computers, on desks, counters, offices and in playing computer games etc. They forget about benefits of physical activities, while its benefits are countless.
  • Reduce your risk of heart attack.
  • Manage your weight better.
  • Blood cholesterol levels remains normal.
  • Lower the risk of type 2 diabetes and some cancers.
  • Blood pressure remains normal.
  • Bones, muscles and joints get strong!
  • Gives More power, better mood, feel relaxed
  • Better sleep.

6. Nature and health: 

Studies shows that living in nature or seeing scenes of nature also reduces anger, anxiety and stress. Spending time in nature keeps the blood pressure normal, heart rate, muscle tension and hormones. It is fun to spend some time outside, but it is also interesting that it is good for the brain, body and the soul. One study shows that by spending 20 minutes in open air, your brain gets energy compared to one cup barley. Scientists believe that breathing in phytoxide-airborne chemicals from pad plants increases the level of our blood cells, which helps us in fighting with infections and diseases.

7. Water Intake:

 Keeping our body hydrated is very important for physical and mental activities. It is good for activities. Without it, we may have to go through many health problems.
When there is a shortage of 1% water in our body then we feel thirsty, after getting sweating and urinating, our body is depleted water. Now in this way you can not do that the water throughout the day Drink and drink less than you need. Our thirst depends on the lack of water in our body, therefore it is important to take care of how much water does not come out of the body. Art and how the body requires, we must maintain a balance!

8. Balance Diet:

A balanced diet is one that gives our bodies the nutrients we need to work properly. Eating a balanced diet helps us to maintain good health and reduce the risk of disease. To be healthy, humans needs a certain amount of calories and nutrients. With a balanced diet, we get all the nutrient limit as much as a person needs, dietary guidelines change over time, because scientists search for new information about nutrition. Current recommendations suggests that a person's plate should mainly contain vegetables and fruits, some lean proteins, some dairy and soluble fiber.

9. Cleanliness: 

Cleanliness is not a work that is forced. This is a good habit and healthy way for our . Forgood health all good health. It is as important as food and water for us.
This is important because it prevents dangerous diseases such as dengue, typhoid, hepatitis and mosquito bites, etc. Diseases like jaundice, cholera, ascariasis, leptospirosis, ringworm, scabies, schistosomiasis, trachoma etc. can spread due to contaminated food, drinking contaminated water and staying in unhygienic condition.

10. Healthy Weight:

Reaching and maintaining healthy weight is important for our health and can help prevent and control many diseases and conditions. If you are overweight or obese, you are at greater risk of developing serious health problems, including cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, gallbladder stones, respiratory problems and some cancers. That is why maintaining a healthy weight is so much important: it helps you to reduce your risk for the development of these above problemss. 

Conclusion: Healthy life comes from following many things, which include good food, daily workout and positive thinking. Caring for your body and feeling proud of your accomplishments can improve your physical and mental health.

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